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ISBN: 9781311424747


Honor Among Thieves - Two robbers discover that robbing a bank isn't as easy as it looks.

Survival of the Fittest - Caveman Socrates Leatherrock has to deal with his tax problems.

Whodunit - Detectives Tuggs and Croquet use their unique approach on a corpse at a crime scene.

A Horrible Secret - Psychologist Dr. Manic has his way with people. The wrong way.

Pandora - Derk tries to convince a nosey customs man that some trunks are best left unopened.

One Too Many - Detective David "Davie" Croquet has an unpleasant experience with his favorite beverage while waiting for a confidential informant.

Black's Anatomy - Surgeons Todd Whiffelspoone and Claudia Dragabond discover that the operating room is not the best place for romance.

Cop Car - Detectives Tuggs and Croquet's high-tech, pecially equipped unmarked car proves to be more liability than asset.

Silly Buggers - Detectives Tuggs and Croquet encounter technical difficulties while bugging a suspect's phone line.

Cop Killer - Detectives Tuggs' and Muerte's partnership comes to an abrupt end during their pursuit of a bank robber.

Hole in One - Detectives Dick Tuggs and Davie Croquet pose as the staff of an exclusive golf club in order to bring down corrupt millionaires Miles Sanderson and Willard Mullberg.

Occupational Hazard - Detective Richard "Dick" Tuggs finds that the job is beginning to get to his partner, David "Davie" Croquet.

The License - Driving student Ellie finds herself lost in a fog-ridden part of town as a result of her driving teacher Chris' negligence. When Ellie stops to ask for directions out of there, strange people begin to emerge from the fog...

Chinese Whispers - Detectives Dick Tuggs and Davie Croquet discover the challenges of interviewing a Chinese suspect.

Time Warp - Captain Aardvark's space ship gets caught in a time warp. Now she must fight for her life as her engineer, Silas, has turned into an axe wielding Celt warrior with a nasty attitude.

Bullseye - Detectives Tuggs and Croquet use alternative interrogation techniques to get a confession from a murder suspect.

Manual Override - Space ship engineer Silas faces the ultimate terror...a low gravity toilet.

The Pourne Identity - Secret agent extraordinaire Jacob Pourne awakes with no memory of who he is on a dark beach where a shadowy opponent awaits him.

Silent but Deadly - Detectives Dick Tuggs and Davie Croquet get ambushed when they attempt a sneak attack on their prime suspect, Larry Fuhrer.

The Ledge - Sitting on a ledge, Leon tries to decide whether he should take the plunge.

Semper Hi - General's aide Faulkner is demoted to the position he dreads most in all the armed forces, Marine cadet.

Leo - The story of what really happened to Leonidas and his 300 men that fateful day in Hot Gates, 480 BC.

Bagel - All Makis wants is one crummy bagel, but a purse snatcher gets in his way.

Shop Till You Drop - House servant Wilson competes with his rival, Frederick, at the supermarket to get the shopping done first. Whoever wins might impress their boss, the elderly Mrs. Hutchins, enough to choose him to accompany her on her annual cruise to the Caribbean.

Woof - Rock 'n' roller Granny Harriette is tasked with taking care of her grandson's dog, a basset hound called Lucky. Things start well but soon take an odd turn when Lucky begins to grow uncontrollably.

Enterprise - Captain Aardvark and her crew of Silas the engineer and their extraterrestrial friend Zorg go into business on Mars.

The Visitor - Impatient, irritable Leon is called to help his hippie dippie friend Jimmy dispose of a corpse. This becomes harder than Leon anticipated when the corpse proves to be less dead than they thought.

No Way Out - Country boy Makis is lured to the big city of Athens under false pretenses by his conniving cousin Roulis. Soon Makis finds himself trapped in a dead end job and a tiny apartment with no air conditioning. In the sweltering Athenian heat, Makis starts to question whether cousin Roulis needs to stay alive.

The Terror of the French Resistance - Colonel Vasoline had planned his ambush on the Germans to the last detail. But he had no way of expecting... The Terror of the French Resistance!

In Transit - Turner struggles to find a way to catch up with the bus that left the station without him but with his precious briefcase.

Invasion - Space ship engineer Silas comes against a fearsome, furry beast which is more than he thinks it is.

Jumper - Detectives Tuggs and Croquet respond to a suicide threat with their unique approach.

Safari to Egaleo - Leon goes to visit his friend Jimmy in Egaleo, but his trip quickly takes a turn for the worse.

Crescendo - Cymbalist Stuart Thrasher outdoes himself when the symphony orchestra swells to a crescendo, to the conductor's chagrin.

Tipster - Detectives Tuggs and Croquet receive an anonymous tip in a strange location.

Intrusion - Space ship engineer Silas encounters an uninvited guest in the ship's toilet bowl.

Cortex - Orpheus tries to persuade Leo to join him in the fight against the Cortex.

Up to Speed - The General and his aide, Faulkner, manage Operation Flyswatter, the elimination of a rogue Special Forces officer.

Whacko - Sergeant Ramirez of the Whacko, New Mexico police department is charged with informing deranged preacher Bill Lunie and his devout Billians about a sprinkler system-related fine. When Lunie refuses to pay the fine, the police are forced to surround his church.

Hug a Tree - Ellie Costas is forced by her mother into doing a beach cleanup with the ecological organization Hug a Tree. But when Ellie makes a joke about a global warming, the organization's authoritarian leader, Frau Bittch, has Ellie sent for re-education...

Record Breaker - Javelin judge Kirk Mallet thought he was disappointed at how the Olympics were going, until the time came to judge his own event.

Munchies - Getting a bite to eat becomes an adventure for dim witted teenagers Jimmy and Leon.

Onwards and Upwards - Despite their best efforts, the Greek mission to Everest gets lost.

The Tribunal - Dan Smothers is on trial for crimes against humanity at the Hague. The trial proceeds normally until Smothers loses control over his "clutch." Chaos ensues.

Work Is Its Own Reward - Anton the ant thinks he's got it all figured out, until he meets his untimely demise.

Live Hard - Detectives Richard "Dick" Tuggs and David "Davie" Croquet go beyond the law to rescue the police Chief, who's been abducted by cocaine overlord Lucas Cabron.

Plus 196 bonus micro fiction stories


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